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Starting your building work can be very stressful, disruptive, inconvenient, and costly. To help make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible choosing a good, reliable local builder to take on your project is essential.

Here are some tips on how to find a Building contractor that will suit your needs.

Family/Friends recommendation: Ask family and friends if they can recommend any local building companies you could use or ones to avoid!

Get the quotes in: Ask 2 or 3 local builders or building companies for written estimates, and ask if you need planning permission for the work you intend to do.

Previous work: Ask the Builders you get to quote your work for references from previous customers – Were they happy with the work that builder did? Did they clean up after themselves? Were they good value for money?

Plan ahead: Write out an agreement or contract with the builder, outlining the work to be completed, finishing date, security and safety, disposal of waste materials, and working hours.

Check you’re covered: Call your insurance company and check your cover, as the building work may affect your home and contents insurance.

Deposits: You should only pay a deposit if your job needs a specific or custom-made material or the work will take a long time to finish. If you are planning to pay for the work in stages, it is important to agree and sign a payment schedule with your builder.

VAT: some builders will offer a ‘VAT free’ deal, they will only do this for one of 2 reasons, they are either avoiding their tax liabilities or the builder does less than £81,000 of business per year. You will need to decide if, 1. The builder is trustworthy and skilled enough to finish your work 2. The builder will still be in business if your work needs repairing. 3. You have no valid contract as you will have no proof of payment.

Overall, go with what feels right to you! If you are uncomfortable with how the arrangement is, don’t continue with it. Tell your builder of your concerns and unless they can make you feel more comfortable don’t use them.

If you are in Clacton, Frinton, Walton, or anywhere in Essex and would like to have T Oliver Builders quote for your project please contact us on 01255 436940.


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