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Starting the journey of improving your home is not an easy thing to do, there’s a lot to plan and consider. One of the main things is which builder should I use? A reputable local Builder? A national name? Or the one with the cheapest price?

T Oliver Builders have always been a common name when it comes to local builders in Clacton. Our personal approach to every project helps our customers get their home exactly how they want it, and our combined 50 years of experience mean the Extension, kitchen, bathroom, or any project is built to last a lifetime.

Choosing a builders in Clacton means as a customer you can have peace of mind that your builder is a local name and has an important reputation to uphold so they will strive to do the best job possible.

T Oliver builders is a business passed down from Father to son and the quality and workmanship has been the same throughout. Professional, personal, and high-quality.

We take on all projects from Kitchen and Bathroom design, re-turfing, Landscaping, Extension building, and restoration. We cover all of Clacton, Frinton, Walton, and the rest of Essex and south Suffolk.

To start your next project for your home, contact your local Builders Clacton, T Oliver Builders. You can call us on 01255 436940 or send us an email to terry@toliverbuilding.co.uk.

Local Builders Clacton

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